Problem Solving

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Assorted problem solving activities, puzzles and brain teasers. This covers the problem solving parts of the Our Skills Challenge award for Cubs.


Printouts, pens/pencils, mug, balloons, drinking glass, table tennis ball, jug of water, straws, rope/string.


See attached file for instructions for each of the activities. The code breaking activities can be done individually, in pairs or in sixes. We set up the Lift Off activity and the ping pong ball in a glass challenge in a separate room so the Cubs didn't see what the previous teams had done. Again you can do these activities individually or in groups which helps with team building. The chicken, fox and grain problem can be done in sixes, with Cubs acting out the roles of the farmer, the chicken, the fox and the grain to work out how to get all across the river safely. The rope activity can be done in pairs or in sixes with Cubs taking it in turns to try and solve the problem. Both of these activities can help with team building and also team leading.


  • brain teasers
  • lateral thinking
  • Problem solving
  • puzzles
  • skills

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