The Hokey Cokey - Reindeer Style

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A fun alternative version of the traditional song "the Hokey Cokey" for performance at Christmas shows etc. Covers part of the requirements for the Entertainer badge.


Reindeer antler headbands and clown style red sponge noses - I purchased these items cheaply from EBay and Amazon but you could download a free template for the headbands and use stickers or makeup for the noses. I also bought some inexpensive spiral party decorations which made tails that were pinned on using safety pins but you can make your own as well. For the hooves we made simple reindeer puppets, see instructions below but you can make card hooves as well. We also downloaded an instrumental version of the song for the Cubs to sing along to but you can provide your own accompaniment as well.


For the hooves we downloaded reindeer puppet templates from
You also need scissors, glue sticks and colouring pens to make these. The hooves are strictly necessary but added to the fun.

Traditionally the Hokey Cokey is performed in a circle but we lined the Cubs up for their performance at our Christmas show.


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  • entertainer
  • entertainment
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  • teamwork

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