Dream Camp - Youshape

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Youshape - Dream camp http://scouts.org.uk/media/897043/2-Cubs_WEB.pdf


a phone or other recording device (optional)
flipchart paper


1. Explain to the Cubs that they are going to be dreaming up their ideal theme for their next camp. If they could pick any theme, what would they choose?

2. Sit the Cubs in their Sixes, and ask the Sixer to write everybody’s ideas onto the flipchart paper.

3. Once everybody has had a chance to contribute their own idea, the group should then vote for their favourite as a Six.

4. Next they should record a short video, or create a short sketch to perform in front of the rest of the Pack. In this video/sketch, they should explore the ideal theme they have picked for camp.
What might that camp look like? How would it be different from any camps you have previously organised?

5. Once you have the feedback from the Cubs, you can start planning your next camp, drawing on their preferences and ideas.
To get a broader idea of what they might enjoy, use the flipchart paper with all of their initial ideas, rather than just focusing on their final sketches.



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