Pass the Clap Game

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Pass a Clap round a circle




1. Everyone in a circle.
2. One player starts by throwing a hand clap to her right neighbour, and the neighbour passes the clap to his right neighbour.
3. Play this till the clap really flows nicely around the circle.
4. Then tell the group that players may decide to pass the clap back to the neighbour they got it from.

Try these for variation:
1. When receiving a clap, first clap back to the sender, then turn to your neighbour to pass it on;
2. Pass claps either high (bending down) or high (above your head)
3. Combine both of the above.
4. Try clapping twice, three times or 4 times when you pass the clap.
5. Make movement doing that (like clap 4 times, low to high as you pass the clap)


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