Selfie Challenge

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This is a fun challenge for patrols or small groups encouraging creativity and teamwork.
Best if they can move indoors and outdoors, define the boundaries in advance.
It's a race to get all 25 photos.


One mobile phone with camera per patrol/group


As a patrol or team, you need to collect photos of everything on this list
You need a different photo for each item (total 25 photos)
Please ensure every team member gets a chance to be in a photo

A footprint
A door
A team member rolling down a hill
A bird
A team member with glasses on the back of their head
A high five
A team member doing exactly what a sign says
A team member up a tree (no further than head height up)
The whole team in mid-air
An insect
Something that begins with the letter ‘Z’
A photo of another team, without them knowing
A blue eye
A brown eye
Nothing but the sky
A team member doing a handstand
Something that could save your life
The entire team’s feet, with everybody wearing odd shoes
Something (not people) that makes you feel sad
Something (not people) that makes you feel happy
A flower
A dramatic scene
A team member hanging upside-down
A team member in the Recovery Position
The entire team’s reflection


  • camera
  • competitive game
  • creativity
  • patrol challenge
  • team building

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