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Meaning 'fight of the roosters' in Portuguese, Luta De Galo is a two-person hopping game, faintly resembling rooster fighting. Once popular in Brazil, rooster fighting was thankfully banned in 1934 to protect animal rights. The fun and harmless hopping game, however, lives on.
Taken from Spring 2018 issue of 'Scouts Scotland'




Two players tuck a necker or a scarf into a pocket or waistband (with enough cloth hanging out for the other players to grab). Both players must cross their dominant arm across their chest (they're not allowed to use it). Hopping on one leg, they should both try to snatch the necker from their opponent's pocket - using only their non-dominant hand. If a player puts their other leg down or unfolds their dominant arm, they're out. The player who successfully keeps their necker/scarf wins.


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