Cool Corners - You Shape 2018

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A fun way to spice up the Log Chew as suggested by the You Shape 2018 programme

This quick and easy activity can be used in a variety of situations. You can use it to:
• collect feedback on an activity you have just done
• get an idea of which activities the majority of young people would like to try
• find out what the group would most like to eat at camp


a room/space with clear corners


Using your paper and pens, label each corner of the room with a different idea or suggestion.

Explain to your Beavers that they should cast their vote by standing in the corner of the idea they like most. To get to their chosen corner, they can hop, skip or jump.

By counting the number of young people in each corner, you can make choices ina transparent, Youth Shaped way.

The activity is also great for teaching young people how voting works, and for introducing bigger themes such as fairness and democracy.


  • decision making
  • democracy
  • fairness
  • You Shape 2018

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