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IGG Ladybird Crafts for Fun

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Heart-shaped Paper Basket


Per Ladybird
• 2 sheets of white paper or 2 paper plates
• Two large pipe cleaners
• Two plastic drinking straws cut into lengths of approx. 2cm (they don’t need to be exact or matching)
• Coloured beads, 10/15
• Glue stick
• Sticky tape
• Hole punch
• Tissue paper
• Wrapped sweets


1. Cut out circles from paper or use paper plates.
2. Give each Ladybird two circles.
3. Fold each circle in half.
4. Give each group a set of colours.
5. Encourage Ladybirds to decorate their circles as they wish.
6. Join the two circles together on the curved edges with glue stick forming a V shape and leaving a pouch in the middle.
7. Decorate the pipe cleaners with beads and the cut-up drinking straws.
8. Punch four holes at the top of the pouch.
9. Put the pipe cleaners into the holes to make handles. Ladybirds will need help with this.
10. Place tissue paper in basket and add sweets.

Acknowledgment/Source: www.krokotak.com

Attachments/Template needed for activity? No. See next page for photos of craft.


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