World Thinking Day 2018 Theme: Impact

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Ladybird activity: Impact in me (Impact your environment footprint-power of the sun )


For Part 2 activity
• 1 A4 sheet of yellow card
• 1 A3 sheet of red card
• A few sheets of yellow and orange paper
• Glue sticks
• Scissors
• Pencils


To create a flame, a source of energy and power is required. In the following World Thinking Day activity this energy is created by the sun which is needed to grow plants which feed animals and people. The sun is a source of energy for each Ladybird to become strong and powerful.

Activity to complete WAGGGS ‘Flame’ challenge and ‘Impact in me’.


Part 1: Go for a ramble
Bring the Ladybirds for a ramble to identify items that the sun helps to grow. Alternatively, if the weather doesn’t allow going for a ramble, ask the Ladybirds the week before the activity to identify these items on their way to school or to their Ladybird meeting.

Part 2: Art project
1. Make a large circle for the sun from the A4 sheet of yellow card and place it in the middle of the sheet of red card.
2. Make triangles from the yellow and orange sheets of paper (allow for 2 to 3 triangles per Ladybird).
3. Ask the Ladybirds to draw items that grow because of the energy the sun gives them. Ask the Ladybirds to glue these around the ‘sun’.
4. Discuss the power of the sun and the energy it provides.
• How does the sun make Ladybirds strong?
• Can Ladybirds make decisions?

Trefoil News International 2018
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