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Beavers can get to know one another by drawing them and asking a few questions about them, they then tell the group who they met.


Sheet for drawing and answering questions


Beavers pair with each other preferably ones that they don't know.
They sit opposite each other and each of them draws a picture of them and asks them a few questions.
What is their name, favourite colour, what do you want to be when you grow up, what is your favourite animal, why do you want to be a beaver ? and so on
Then when finished each beaver takes a photo of each other (which will be printed and attached to the sheet for the following week to go on the board in the hall)

Create a circle choose a beaver to go in the middle - they say who they met and one thing about that person then that beaver joins them in the middle and tells them about his/her beaver he/she met then they sit down and pick
the next person to go in the middle. Depending on how many beavers you have can be 20 - 30 mins for 24 beavers


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