Unfair Trade Game

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A game to illustrate unfair trade.


Materials to represent a crop. Could be balls, Lego bricks, small wrapped sweets, pictures, etc. You will need quite a lot!
Materials to represent money. Could be coins, counters, or slips of paper with amounts written on.
Example of the Fairtrade logo and/or Fairtrade products.


Scatter the 'crop' around the room. Split the Beavers into teams and explain that they have to gather as much as they can. They can then exchange the crop for money and the team that earns to most money wins.

However, add rules that make the game unfair. Make sure one team has fewer members than another. Give one team less time. Pay another team more for each item than you give to the other teams. Don't explain this to the Beavers - let them work it out for themselves that the game is not fair. Then explain that this is how trade often work in real life and that we have Fairtrade to prevent this. Show the children the Fairtrade logo.
Run the game again, fairly, to demonstrate how much better it is.


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