Module C

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Activities for running Module C


Sheets of plain or coloured paper - enough for the groups size that you have. Depending on how long you give the Explorers for the activity you may need to account for several sheets per Explorer.

Flip chart to review methods


There are several sheets attached that give the folding instructions for some Origami objects. Some of the shapes are easy to create and some of them are difficult. If the group is large enough you can split them into YLs whose sections are Scouts, those in Cubs Scouts and those in Beavers.

Each group should choose an appropriate origami creation that would suit the level of group that they are going to teach to follow the instructions.

Encourage discussion around the different methods of teaching others:

Each group should decide on the method that they would use to ensure that whatever age-related group they are dealing is able to complete the task in the given time.

Each group should then teach another based upon their previous decisions, evaluate the validity of their decisions and re-assess their methods if required.

As a group they should be able to justify their decisions to the whole group


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