Color the 5 Flags and find corresponding Promise

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Color 5 flags, and find Beaver Promises in different countries around the world


Countries names and flags templates on a piece of paper on the left, promises from the 5 countries on the right of the paper.(attached)
The promises start with a "hello" from the corresponding country to give a bit of a help to guess which Promise is from which country.
Large printed flags to use as template for coloring (attached)
Coloring pencils


Display the sample flags for the Beavers to see.
Split Beavers into Lodges and give them one each of the Countries/Flags, Promises sheets of paper.
Give one sheet of paper per Beaver.
Ask them first to color the flags

Then draw a line between each flag, and the corresponding promise on the right


  • flags
  • promises from other countries

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