The Apprentice

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To plan, make and market a new box of sweets
Produce a radio and bus stop digital advert
Create Adwords, hashtags and a URL
Parents to vote via FB and leaders to score


Coloured paper and card
Sticky tape
Colouring pencils and felt tips

For production of the sweets: Aprons, surface protectors, fondant icing, food colourings, flavourings, icing sugar, water, decorations, cases and cutters. There will be rolling pins, jugs and mixing bowls. There will be anti-bac hand wash and surface available.

• Film your digital marketing ad
• Record you radio advert
• Photograph your final product


Ladies and gentlemen, in today’s world any item coming to market needs maximum positive exposure, an eye catching design and memorable logo as well as a unique taste. Your task tonight is to design, create and make a box of sweets and market it through a radio ad and a digital bus stop ad.

1. Create a team name.
2. Appoint a team leader (it does not have to a PL or APL)
3. Allocate members to the following teams:-
a. Creative team – create name of sweets, logo, branding and make the box for the finished product.
b. Production team – will make the sweets
c. Marketing team – design and produce the radio advert (10 seconds) a digital bus stop advert (10 seconds) and Adwords (4) Hash tags (3) A URL.


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  • team building

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