Custard Experiment

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Liquid or Solid?

Thanks to BBC Norkolk kids website


Custard Powder


Step 1
Put some custard powder into a bowl.

Step 2
Mix it with water while stirring until it feels weird; you’ll know what I mean when you feel it! Try running a spoon handle through the custard mixture.

Step 3
The spoon should leave a clean cut groove that swiftly fills with liquid custard again. Or try sticking your finger in - the custard should stick to your finger!

Step 4
Pick some of the custard mixture up and roll it into a ball between your hands. It feels slimy! If it is not mixed properly, you won't be able to do this.

Step 5
Keep moving it - what happens if you stop? If you keep rolling it the custard forms a solid-like ball, but as soon as you stop... runs away like a liquid. Yes, it is messy, but don't panic. When the mix dries out you can just brush the powder out.



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