IGG INTEREST BADGE Ladybird Medicine Safety Option 02

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Identify where and how medicine should be stored safely (Storing Medicines)


 Picture of Medicine Cabinet door (see Overleaf)
 Picture of inside of Medicine Cabinet (see overleaf)
 Pictures of medical items (see overleaf)
 Laminator (Optional)


Aim of Badge To treat medicines with respect

This Badge has 3 options of which 3 must be completed

This activity will allow the Ladybirds explore and discuss the importance of storing medical equipment and Medicines (drugs)of all kinds in a safe manager
 Photocopy the attached sheets (see overleaf) by number of groups you wish to divide the Unit into to complete this activity
 Laminate
 Cut out individual items

1. Divide the Unit into groups
2. Give each group a set of the individual items and the pictures of the Cabinet interior and door
3. Explain that the groups are going to match the difference items to where in the cabinet is the best place to put them
4. Leaders join the groups to oversee the discussion and help with reading or clarify if the Ladybirds are unsure of where the items should be placed in the cabinet and understand why the cabinet should have a lock

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