Invent a Machine to save energy/environment

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In Lodges Design a machine to help the environment or save energy or water. The importance of this task is the need to explain how it works – this will show that Beavers have invented a proper tool or machine and not just a junk model. Beavers could draw their invention, make it from junk/recycled materials, or demonstrate it in some other way. They don’t actually have to make it work, just explain what it will do. Work in lodges as teamwork to discuss and present their ideas.


Paper, Pencils, Junk (Optional)


Beavers design a machine and explain how it works:

1 - Spend 2-3 minutes brainstorming ideas for the machine
2 - As a lodge decide which idea to go for
3 - spend 5-10 minutes designing the chosen machine and what it will do and how it will work, draw out the plans for it.
4 - Spend 2 minutes listing required parts to build it
4 - Spend 5-10 minutes building a representation of the machine with junk or a part of the machine
5 - Each lodge takes 2 minutes to share their design with the other lodges


  • design
  • Inventing a machine
  • Junk Modeling

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