Tealight Pancakes

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Make mini pancakes in a foil cupcake case


Tea lights (up to 4 per person depending on time you would like to take)
Wooden Clothes pegs (2 per person for holding the foil containers)
Small foil trays (to cook in)
Cocktail sticks (to turn your pancakes over with)
Pancake batter (either the ready to go stuff from the shop or make your own)
Plates (to put your tea lights on)
Toppings (only a small amount because the pancakes are small)


1) Place the tea lights onto the plate and then light
2) Heat a TINY amount of oil in each foil tray over the tea lights
3) Pour some pancake mixture into each tray to just cover the bottom (the more you put in
the longer it will take to cook)
4) When it is no longer liquid, put it down on a table and use your cocktail stick to turn it
over. The best method is to use the cocktail stick to skewer the pancakes and lift it.
5) Cook the other side for another 5(ish) minutes
6) Lift it out with your cocktail stick again and check to make sure it looks cooked enough. If
not then return to the flames
7) Eat if cooked and dip into toppings.


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