Pringles Ringle

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Challenge to build a freestanding circle or 'Ringle' from a tube of Pringles (other shaped crisps are avaliable!)


1 tube of Pringles per patrol, plus one for the leaders to eat!
Ability to persevere - trial, error, evaluate and back to trial.......


How to build a Pringles ringle:
1. The first step is pretty obvious. You need to buy Pringles. I’m not sure if one flavor stacks better than others, but you should probably buy all of them, just in case. Again, for science.
2. Eat a few of the Pringles. This step isn’t really necessary, but I know you’ve already done it so I’m listing it anyway.
3. Hey, hey, I said just a few, we still need some chips to stack! STOP EATING THE PRINGLES.
4. Begin stacking the Pringles, using their natural curved shape to create a circle. It appears that a sturdy base is the key to a successful ringle.
5. Once you have a completed ringle, you need to document the feat so you can share it on the internet and ensure the continuation of this trend. Make it a selfie so people know you are the architect.
6. Eat the Pringles. I don’t think I need to tell you that this is the most important step. Without this step, you just spent the last hour of your life wasting food.

The Scout Association have released a video on this at


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