Patrol skits in a troop evening

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This is an inter patrol competition. Patrols to rehearse and show one or two skits each.


Copies of skits. Each patrol needs to access at least two. Some examples are attached. Thanks to for these.

Copies of scoring sheets - one per patrol and one per adult/YL judge

Props for the skits, for example:
Pack of pencils
Football or wadded clothing
* hat
Two brooms
* Several pairs of socks
* Several hats
* bag of oranges
* a towel


Provide each patrol with two unique skits. They can use these or create their own. They have 30 minutes to plan and rehearse, then 10 minutes to perform two skits. They need to involve all members of their patrol.

For the performance you can set the scene and make it more theatre like, with arrangement of chairs and perhaps using a stage.

Prior to the performances, the PLs and other judges are given a scoring sheet to use to recording their judging. They score at the finish of each pair of performances. The PLs should collaborate with their patrol members to complete the scoring. The patrol does not score their own patrol, only other patrols. At the end of all the performances, add up the scores for a winning patrol.


  • Acting
  • Show
  • Sketches
  • Skits

Badge Links

  • Creative - Performing
  • Teamwork - Team-building