IGG SPECIAL FOCUS Ladybird Sustainable Development Goals

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No. 3. Good Health and Well-being (Practice making good choices)


 YES and NO posters (see overleaf)
 Green Card for YES
 Red Card for NO


Aim of Badge Please refer to Leaders introduction (IGG Ladybirds Special Focus (Leaders Introduction to Activities)

Photocopy posters YES on Green and NO on Red (see overleaf)
 Place the Yes and No zone posters on opposite walls of the hall
 Ladybirds stand in the centre of the hall
 Explain to the Ladybirds that a Leader will read out a statement
 Each Ladybird then decides if she should run to the Yes or No zone
 After the running game discuss the statements around the Ladybird Garden

1. Taking medicine by yourself
2. Hiding from your parents in the Supermarket
3. Using hand rails going up/down stairs
4. Talking to strangers
5. Following the rules of a game
6. Swimming only when a grown up is present
7. Climbing up the slide in the playground
8. Playing with matches
9. Asking permission before touching another person’s animal
10. Chewing on balloons
11. Running at the swimming pool
12. Getting into the car and put your seat belt on in the back seat
13. Wearing a life jacket in/on water
14. Dunking your friend in the pool
15. Running across the street
16. Wearing a helmet when riding your bike
17. Taking swimming lessons
18. Looking right and left before crossing the street

Acknowledgement/Source Tune in to Well Being, Say No to Drugs: Substance Abuse. GSUSA, 1985
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