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Folktales from around the world


• pencil
• paper
• photocopies of world map (optional)
• country souvenirs (optional)


Books used:
Stories to Solve by George Shannon
More Stories to Solve by George Shannon
Still Stories to Solve by George Shannon

1. Indicate on a map the country of origin of the tale you are going to tell.
2. Displaying hats, flags, or other items from the country adds another dimension.
3. Share interesting gestures, social customs, eating habits, etc. which can be obtained from www.culturegrams.com.
4. Read the story aloud to the girls.
5. Then split them up into Sixes.
6. In their Sixes ask them to work together to solve each mystery.
7. Provide each Six with a pencil, paper and a copy of the story.
8. Some of the stories lend themselves to a visual solution. For those tales, make copies of the ‘answer’ illustration from the book and cut each one into small squares.
9. Give each Six a set of squares to assemble to solve the puzzle.

Acknowledgement/Source: www.culturegrams.com
Trefoil News Spring 2018

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