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Read four poems, two by Irish poets. Say why you like or dislike them.


 Poetry books
 Paper
 Biro/pencil
 Template


Aim of Badge: To develop a love of reading and poetry.

This Badge has 5 options of which 5 must be completed.

Ask the Guide to read four (age-related) poems, two of which must be by Irish poets.
Ask the Guide to complete the accompanying template.
Encourage the Guide to share the completed template with their Patrol members.
Would they encourage their Patrol members to read the poems and other poems by their selected authors?

Further review questions that can be discussed with the Guide Unit:

1. What was the poem about?
2. What feelings are expressed in the poem?
3. Could you choose a different title for the poem?
4. What images are portrayed in the poem?
5. What is the message of the poem?
6. Are there any rhymes, alliteration, personification, humour, interesting adjectives?
7. What is your favourite line and why?
8. How was the poet feeling when he/she wrote the poem?
9. Write a verse before or after the poem.

Acknowledgement/Source: http://www.twinkl.ie
Trefoil News Spring 2018

Attachments/Template needed for activity? Yes, 1 page


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