IGG INTEREST BADGE Ladybird Disability Awareness Option 01

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1. Take part in activities that increase the awareness of our senses (I hear thunder and blanket game)


 Words of song
 Blanket (big enough for the activities described)
For alternative game:
Objects such as
 Grater
 Air pump
 Tennis ball


Aim of Badge To increase awareness of senses in particular visual and hearing

These activities allow Ladybirds to focus on a number of different senses.
Activity 1
Song ‘I hear thunder’
• Sing this song ‘I hear thunder’ to the tune of ‘Frere Jacques’ Encourage the Ladybirds to develop actions to go with the song
I hear thunder, I hear thunder
Listen don’t you, listen don’t you
Pitter patter raindrops, pitter patter raindrops
I’m wet through, so are you.

I see blue skies, I see blue skies
Way up high, way up high
Hurry up the sunshine, hurry up the sunshine
We’ll soon dry. We’ll soon dry

Activity 2
Blanket Game 1 – Hide a Ladybird
Activity 3
Blanket Game 2
See overleaf for activity 2 &3
I am a Ladybird Leader 2008
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