Yut-Nori. South Korean Game

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A giant version of a South Korean board game, ideal to find out more about the location of the 2018 Winter Olympics!
Yut-Nori (pronounced: yoonnori") is a popular game especially around the South Korean New Year.
This version of the game we've modified to make it more Cub friendly.


Large area to chalk the board onto, like your hall or meeting area.
Cubs as counters
4 flat sticks like lolly sticks, if you can get or make large lolly sticks about 15 / 20cm long is ideal but smaller will be fine. These sticks need to be striped on one side and dotted on the other,(see attachment) these are thrown in the air and depending on how they fall, depends on how many spaces the counter (Cub) moves along the board.
Find out some facts about South Korea / South Korean Cubs and make some up, to ask as True or False questions.


If you have 4 sixes them give each six one of the blank sticks to colour in, must be stripey on one side and dots on the other.
Chalk out the board (see attachment) on your hall floor. Make some of the circles a different colour, these are bonus circles that if landed on the six get asked a true of false question for points.

Playing the game
Each six picks a corner as their start point, they select one of their six to be the counter and he/she must them stand on the corner circle.
Each six then throws the 4 sticks in the air to see how many spaces (circles) they can advance.
If they fall with one dotted side up, you advance one space.
If two dotted sides are up, you advance two spaces.
If three dotted sides are up, you advance three spaces.
If four dotted sides are up, you advance four spaces.
If four striped sides land face up, you advance five spaces.
If you got all dotted or all striped sides face up, you can take another turn.

The aim of the game is to make a circuit around the board back to your starting circle in your corner. (you don't need to land on your corner circle to finish or you'll be there all night, just pass over it will do).
If a Cub lands on a corner circle (not their own obviously) they can take a short cut using the crossed lines. They must go straight across, corner to corner and not change direction in the centre, They still have to throw the sticks to use the shortcut.

If a cub lands on a coloured circle then that six is asked a question about South Korea (true or false), if they get it right they get to move along one space, if they get it wrong they move back one space.


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