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Mothers Day Flower Pot


 Small clay pot
 Green, yellow paint
 Black permanent marker
 Small paint brush
 White paint (optional)
 Lacquer spray (optional)
 Bag of wipes
 Tissue paper
 Seed or small plant
 Compost


• Start at the top with painting the white lettering at the top of the pot or this can be done using a black or gold marker.
• Using your thumb, start painting on the yellow thumb prints around the pot.
• Before the next step Brownies need to clean off the paint with wipes/tissues
• Paint on the green thumb prints
• Once these are done, use the black marker to draw the flower stems and the design around the bumble bees
• The same picture can go on the back of the pot too
• Once all painting is done, use the lacquer spray on the pot so that the paint does not come off
• Leave to dry until next meeting
• Fill the pot with clay and some seeds or a little plant.
Another option
Filled with an Easter egg or series of small Easter eggs.

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