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7. Know the Brownie Guide Promise and Sign (Promise Party Cup Instructions)


 White Card
 Basic plastic cup size 20cl
 Colouring pencils/markers
  White Card
 Basic plastic cup size 20cl
 Colouring pencils/markers
 Laminator
 Double sized tape


To make a keepsake of their special day and reinforce their understand of the Brownie Guide Promise

Brownie Guide Promise
I promise to do my best
to do my duty to my God* and my country
To help those at home every day
and to obey the Brownie Guide Law.
*The word "God" may be replaced by the word "faith" according to one's spiritual beliefs.
Design a Brownie Promise Party Cup
• Print out the cup sleeve template (see attached file) onto white card
• Print page 1 for *my God page or page 2 *my faith
• Brownies colour in the Promise pin using the correct colours
• Brownie then decorate their cup in their own style.
• Once finished roughly cut out leaving spare around the outline
• Don’t forget to put Brownie’s name on the blank side
• Laminate the design
• Then cut carefully around the outline
• Use double sided tape, glue or a stapler to fasten the handles together
You could use sticky back plastic instead of a laminator to protect the cup sleeve.
The sleeve is designed to fit a Tesco/Dunne’s Stores basic plastic cup size 20cl
• While completing the activity ask the Brownies about what they think we mean by doing their best, helping other people etc
• In Pow Wow discuss how they would like to use their Promise Cups during the Promise Ceremony


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