IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Guiding Traditions Option 06

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No 6. Strike a match correctly and light a candle (Light a match )


 Matches
 Candle
 Bowl of water
Safety Tip
All Guide should tie back hair before commencing


Aim of Badge: To practice traditional Guiding skills.

This Badge has 20 options of which 5 must be completed
Subsequent badges may be earned when you complete 5 additional options

1. Grasp the match firmly at its midpoint
1. Use your (index) finger and your thumb to hold the match about halfway down the wooden stick.
2. You can gently wrap your other fingers around the base of the stick for support if needed.
3. Look for a rough red or brownish strip on the side of the box. This is called the "striker." Hold the box in the hand you're not using to hold the match and press the match head (the round, coloured part at the end) into the striker without moving it to either side yet.
4. Quickly drag the match head along the striker. Without letting up the pressure, quickly slide the match head from one end of the striker to the other (away from you and other people). This motion should be quite quick and hard. It's almost as if you're trying to rub the match head material off in a single rough motion. If you do this right, the match head will immediately catch fire, so don't be alarmed when this happens!
5. If needed, try again matches don't always light on the first try. Don't worry if you don't get a flame immediately: simply repeat the striking motion again until you get a result. You may want to use a little extra pressure if you're worried that you were too gentle the first time.
6. Hold the lit match away from the matchbox.
7. It will smoke and burst into flame almost instantly. At this point, grip the match near its base to protect your fingers from the flame.
8. Place the lighting match to the candle wick and light.


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