IGG SPECIAL FOCUS Guide Sustainable Development Goal 03 (SDG’S)

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No. 3. Good Health and Well-being (Activity 6 Child Mortality Prevention)


 Flip chart
 Post its/Paper and Sellotape


Aim Please refer to Leaders introduction (IGG Guide Special Focus No 3 (Leaders Introduction to Activities)
Activity 6
Child Mortality Prevention
The Guide will become aware of factors influencing child mortality.
This activity visually shows the girls what a child needs to stay healthy and survive in the developing world
• A Leader starts this activity by talking about how years ago in Ireland many children died before their 5th birthday
• That this is still the case in parts of the world
• Ask the girls what a child needs to stay alive
• Make a list of their suggestions on a flip chart

If any of the following do not come up in discussion add them:
 vaccination
 clean water
 doctors and hospital nearby
 warmth
 food
 mosquito net
 good sewage system
 available medicine and money to pay for it

• Choose enough of items that you can make 3 groups e.g. pick 8 if you have 24 girls
• Write each one on a post it and stick it to the girls forehead
• The girls walk around and try to mime to each other what is on the person’s head
• When the Guide guesses her item, she sit on the floor
• When everyone has been guessed encourage the guides to make 3 groups containing everything a child needs for survival

Reflect on the activity



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