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1. Find out your skin type and know how to follow a good skin care routine (Skin Types and Skin Care)


 Handout on Products
 Copy of Skin Care quiz
 Selection of Cleansers, moisturisers etc
 Cotton Wool
 Blotting or Tissue paper


Aim of Badge
To encourage a good Skin Care routine

This Badge has 6 options of which 6 must be completed
Every person’s skin is unique, but there are a few common skin types. The following activities will help you to identify where you skin fits in the most. The three main skin types are commonly referred to as
 Oily
 Normal/Combination
 Dry
• Photocopy copies of the attached information and poster (see overleaf)
• Start by asking the Guides a question
• Do you like music?
• Most likely everyone likes music so now ask each person what sort of music they like?
• Expect that many people like different types of music
• Now explain that while everyone likes music we can see there are many types of music
• In the same way we all have skin but we all also have different skin types.
This above activity can be completed replacing Music with Sports

 Skin Types and Skin Care (see overleaf)
 Recognising Your Skin Type (see overleaf)
 How much product poster (see overleaf)
 Skin Care Quiz (see overleaf) for instructions on how to play


Attachments/Template needed for activity? Yes 6pages


  • Branch Weekend 2018
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