Metal Etching

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Show the Scouts how to put their name or initials on their camping knife, fork and spoon set or sheath knife / pen knife


Per Group / Patrol:-
PP3 9v Battery
2 wires with clips at each end (10 for £1.99 on e-bay)
Cotton earbuds
Hot water
Egg Cup
Nail polish
Stencil set
nail polish remover
paper towel


1. Paint nail polish on the surface that you want the letters etched
2. Place the letter stencil on the item and scratch out the polish as required
(the etching will only work on areas that do not have polish on)
3. Clip one wire to the Positive terminal on the battery, clip the other end to a bare metal area on the item to be etched
4. Clip the other wire to the negative terminal on the battery, clip the other end to the cotton on the end of an earbud (near the pole, not the end, do not let the clip touch metal)
5. Fill the cup with egg cup with hot water and stir in 2 teaspoons of normal table salt
6. Dip the cotton bud into the salt water then dab and hold the area to be etched, don't hold on for more than 2 seconds at a time, you might hear sizzling sound
7. Keep dabbing the cotton bud for about 5 minutes for each name, if the end goes black then swap to the other clean end and continue
8.Clean the nail polish off the item
9. Admire your handy work

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