IGG Senior Branch OUTDOOR ADVENTURE Choice Challenge 14

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14. Demonstrate the correct packing of a hike rucksack


 Paper
 Pens
 Copy of packing diagram
 Rucksack
 Full hike kit for packing


Knowing what to pack and how best to pack it is essential for ensuring that SB enjoy their hiking experience. They will be miserable if they find they are without an essential item, or if all their gear gets wet.

This activity will encourage them to think about what they need, what they can live without, and how best to pack it.

Ask the group to brainstorm all the gear that they will need for a hiking event. Ensure that they consider everything they may need for:
Walking – Cooking – Eating – Sleeping – Washing

Talk about essential items vs. nice-to-have items, remind them that everything they pack will have to be carried for the hike.
Compare lists – what items can be shared with friends?

Discuss how best to waterproof your gear: no rucksack is waterproof!
A number of small bags is often better and easier to fit in your rucksack than one large one.
Consider using ziplock bags for small items or investing in drybags from an outdoor shop, they last much longer than bin liners.

Next, decide where to pack everything within your rucksack:
Essential items such as maps, first aid kit and waterproof clothes need to be easily accessible in a pocket. Items needed during the hike such as snacks, water bottle also need to be easy to reach.
Heavy items should be packed higher in the rucksack, bulky but light items can be lower. Minimize the amount of items hanging off a rucksack, avoid anything swinging.

In the interests of learning by doing, this activity is best done with an actual rucksack and a full kit (as well as a few non-essential items) to practise packing rather than just drawing or talking about it.

Rucksack diagram from old Senior Branch Handbook


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