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IGG SPECIAL FOCUS Goal 03 Brownie Sustainable Development Goals

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No. 3. Good Health and Well-being (Activity 4 Tea with Mam and Granny-Birth Stories)


 Card for invitation
 Colouring Pencils/markers
 List of questions for tea party( make by Brownies


Aim Please refer to Leaders introduction (IGG Brownie Special Focus No 3 (Leaders Introduction to Activities)

Activity 4
Tea with Mam and Granny/Birth Stories
Brownies will have an opportunity to explore what being a Mother is like and how it has changed over the years. Compare Granny and Mammy’s memories and discuss what they might change if it comes to their turn.

Week 1
• Brownies make an invitation for the person they wish to invite to the Tea Party. (mother/Granny/Aunt/Foster Career
• Ask everyone to bring a baby picture to the meeting next week
• In pow wow the Pack plan the menu
• Make a list of tasks that will need to be shared and decide who will be reasonable for each task
• Brownies discuss the questions they would like to ask at the tea. Leader making a note of same
Week 2
• Brownies arrive and set up hall for tea party
• Invited guests arrive
• Brownies join the guest and serve the tea
• Everyone chats about what it was/is like to be a mother
• Brownies help with the clean up
• To finish the evening encourage Brownies to share ways they could help to make it easier for their Mother/Granny etc
• Share what they might change if it comes to their turn



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