Silhouette Puppets

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Scouts split into groups/patrols. They have the evening to create simple puppets and write a short storyline before performing them at the end.


Flood lights (don't need to be huge but must be maneuverable)
Craft supplies eg.s paper or card, scissors, glue
Straws/lollipop sticks
Split pins for moving parts
Table (Optional but creates something for them to hide behind.
Paper to write a story.


Split the Troop into roughly equal groups.

Give them all equal materials.

They should have the majority of the evening to plan and create their puppets, scenery (optional), characters and story. Performances only need to be a few minutes long.

Remember that they do not need to draw on their characters in detail because only the block shape will be seen as a silhouette.

Suspend a sheet in a doorway or similar and block off the bottom part with a table on its side or something that will give a similar area for the Scouts to hide behind. This isn't necessary but we've found heads and hands often get in the way if you leave it.

Let the Scouts perform their shows for the rest of the Troop. We've done it both as silent and slightly longer shows and as shows with sound, either way its funny to see what they come up with.

You could also tailor it to be shows about something in your programme or area e.g St George's Day or Easter, or you could run it over multiple meetings to cover things like model making and performances where they need to be more involved than one session allows.


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