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No 3. Discuss what happens if these senses don’t work- do our other senses get stronger to help us (Walking while Blindfolded)


 2 Chairs
 Twine or rope
 Neckerchief


Aim of Badge To develop an awareness of what you use your senses for and how you compensate when one of your senses doesn’t work properly.
This Badge has 4 options of which 4 must be completed

Activity 1: Walking while blindfolded
• Ask the ladybirds to help you set up for this activity.
• Place two chairs a short distance from one another and attach a long piece of twine or rope from one chair to the other.
• Explain to the ladybirds that they are going to take turns walking blindfolded from one chair to the other.
Starting at either one of the chairs, taking turns, one Ladybird at a time, the first Ladybird should be blindfolded using her neckerchief. Explain to the Ladybird that she should put her hand out to hold on to the twine. Moving her hand along the twine, the Ladybirds asked to find her way to the other chair. Ask the other ladybirds to give the blindfolded Ladybird big cheer and a clap as she approaches the second chair. This can be a warning signal for the Ladybird that she’s getting close to an obstacle and to be careful not to crash into it or fall over it.

When the activity is over, discuss with the girls how it felt to be blindfolded. Ask them what could they hear? Did they feel safer having the twine to hold on to? Talk about how someone who is blind can use a cane or a guide dog to help them move about.

An alternative way of doing this game:
Ask the blindfolded Ladybird to walk in a straight line from one side of the room to the other. Masking tape could be used as a marker on the floor between the two walls. This alternative game should allow the Ladybird to experience the space around her when she is blindfolded. Ensure that there are no obstacles in the way.

Outdoors alternative:
This activity could also be done outdoors with the twine tied between two trees. Ask the blindfolded Ladybird about what she could hear and smell. Another Ladybird could assist by guiding the Ladybird who is blindfolded. Ensure that instructions are given to avoid any obstacles in the way.
Could the Ladybird hear more when she was blindfolded? Depending on the environment and time of year, girls might get a smell of pine trees or hear leaves crunching under their feet on an autumnal day or birds singing on a spring day. Or maybe they could feel the rain or feel the heat of the sun? Discuss with the Ladybirds what they noticed.


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