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6. List Ways of Dealing with those Stresses (List Ways of Dealing)


 Paper
 Pencils/markers


Aim of Badge To develop & practice a positive mental attitude

This Badge has 7 options of which 7 must be completed

Option 5 of the badge must be undertaken before this option
• When we perceive a situation as difficult or painful, changes occur in our minds and bodies to prepare us to respond to danger
• This "fight, flight, or freeze” response includes faster heart and breathing rate, increased blood to muscles of arms and legs, cold or clammy hands and feet, upset stomach and/or a sense of dread
• The same mechanism that turns on the stress response can turn it off
• As soon as we decide that a situation is no longer dangerous, changes can occur in our minds and bodies to help us relax and calm down
• This "relaxation response” includes decreased heart and breathing rate and a sense of well-being
Girls that develop a "relaxation response” and other stress management skills feel less helpless and have more choices when responding to stress

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