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A ceremony is something a group does to make an ordinary event special, or to add extra significance to an already special occasion.  It is often an acting out of a set of rather ordinary words to make them meaningful and memorable.  A ceremony is something DONE, not only something said.
The purpose of ceremonies is the same for all age groups.  Only the specific methods and means of carrying out the ceremony will vary depending on the age of the girls.
A meaningful ceremony will strengthen the unity of the group, provide a sense of tradition and continuity, involves the use of most of the senses, and encourages self-control and participation. However, sometimes ceremonies lose their impact. This can happen through overuse, if it's too long to hold the attention of the participants, or if it is done irreverently or carelessly.
The best ceremonies are planned for the group, by the group!


See attached sheets as depends on ceremony required




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