prawn cracker game

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A team game using chopsticks.


2 bowls for each team
Pair of chopsticks for each team
Enough prawn crackers that there is at least 1 prawn cracker per child, but more is much better.


In teams, each team is at one end of room and there is a bowl of prawn crackers for each team at the other end of the room.

1st team member has a pair of chopsticks and races down the other end of the room to collect a prawn cracker from their bowl and returns and puts it in their team collection bowl. Gives the chopsticks to the next team member who repeats task. Continue until all prawn crackers transferred.

Winning team is first to transfer all their prawn crackers.

The everyone eats the prawn crackers :)


  • Chinese
  • Chinese Game
  • Chinese New Year
  • chopsticks

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