Joe's Blind Obstacle Course

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In teams you must direct the blind person through the obstacle course.


Blindfolds (1 x per group)
Obstacles (tables, chairs, cones, logs, nest what ever you have or feel like)
a retrievable object.


In teams, you must designate:
1 person to be blindfolded (the drone)
1 person to transmit instructions (the operator)
2 people to pass information to the operator (sensors)

The sensors can see the course but are unable to speak so must pass the directions on to the operator through hand signals. The Operator has their back to the course and so can't see it and must intemperate the hand signals and relay the information to the Drone through verbal instructions.
The drone follows the instructions to be navigated through the course to retrieve the object (hazardous material).

First team back with the hazardous material wins. (Rotate roles and repeat as required)


  • communication
  • team building
  • team building activities

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