Knotting Relay Race

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A game to help reinforce a quick recall of knots called out at the beginning of each relay.


Knotting Ropes


Every six lines up at a given start point. At the other end, A leader holds a rope for a member of the six when they come forward, At the word 'go', the first cub runs up to the leader, takes the rope, and ties the knot that is requested by the leader in charge of the game. (For knots like clove, highwayman's hitch, tie them around a pole that the leader will be holding for them to use). Once the cub has correctly tied the knot, they untie it, run back to their Six and tag the next person to run and tie their knot. The first six sat down in a straight line are the winners! For differing numbers of cubs, nominated one or more members of the six will have to go twice, so each six goes the same number of times. this is completed four times so everyone has done all four knots.

For each of the knotting certificates (Bronze, Silver or Gold) a different set of four knots are to be completed.


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