World Thinking Day 2018: Impact Compass No.4

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Learning outcome: Discover WAGGGS Global Programmes and decide which one you can experience with your group.


On a big piece of paper or flipchart paper draw a tree, its trunk and branches but no leaves.
If you can, cut out 8cmx4cm leaf-shaped pieces of paper, or just use sticking notes. Have enough for all your participants.
Cut out the WAGGGS Global Programmes matching game cards on page 39 of the WTD pack
Optional: Print out copies of the resources on page 39 or use a laptop or tablet with internet connection to demonstrate the resources.


Step 1. Show the tree to your group and explain that it is a wish tree. Each youth member should take a leaf or sticking note and write down what they would like to do with the Girl Guide and Girl Scout group in the following months. They can be as creative as they want. They then put their leaves/sticking notes on the tree.
Step 2. It’s time for a matching game! Show the global cards with the covers of the resources and ask your participants to find which description belongs to which resource.
Step 3. Encourage the group to look at their wishes on the wish tree. Is there any wish on the tree that has the same theme or connects more broadly with the WAGGGS Global Programmes you explored in step 2? For example, if someone has written ‘Go on a hike’, why not choose to do the Forest: YUNGA challenge badge? For this step, split the group into smaller teams and ask them to pick one activity from the wish tree that connects with a WAGGGS programme.
Step 4. Every team presents their top programme choice and the wish from the tree that is connected. A leader or another youth member writes down the top choices and then the whole group votes on their favourite option.
Step 5. Decide with the group when you would like to experience the programme and add it in your group’s meeting plan.


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