World Thinking Day 2018: Impact Two Stars No.1

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Learning outcome: Discover a fun way to clean up your local environment and fundraise for the World Thinking Day Fund.
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Preparation: Big plastic bin bags, thick gloves, litter picker (optional)


You can do this activity on your way to school, your Girl Guide or Girl Scout meeting, or if your group decides to go outside as part of the World Thinking Day challenge.

Look out for, and pick up, as much litter as possible. Be careful when collecting litter, and leave anything that looks dangerous. If there are recycling facilities in your area, why not see how much you can recycle too!

World Thinking Day Fund idea
– Double the Impact: Ask people to sponsor you by donating a coin or amount for each piece, kilogram or bag you collect or recycle!
Ask people the week before you do this. Once you’re finished, let your sponsors know the impact you made, collect the donations and send them in to the World Thinking Day Fund.

Take it further: Can you think of other simple actions you can do that will make small but meaningful differences in your community?


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