World Thinking Day 2018: Impact Two Stars No.2

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Learning outcome: Use your imagination to convey your message.


Preparation: Paper, pens or pencils


Ask the group to list as many things as possible that represent Mexico in 30 seconds.

The aim of this activity is to show the participants how they can use their creativity to draw attention to a topic.

Once the group has made their list, ask them to pick one word. They should create a short play or freeze frame representing that word.
For instance, if the group selects cactus as their word, they could use their bodies to create a mini cactus garden. Or if the group picks the word piñata, they could create a song about the breaking open of the piñata.

The groups should showcase what they have created as publicly as possible. If you are based in an urban environment such as a city, this should be fairly easy. However, if you have decided to undertake your WTD event in a more rural area you could challenge the participants to sing or act as loudly as possible, to try and get the closest people to hear what they are doing. In addition, perhaps you could video or photograph what the participants do and share it on social media, to try and show the different ways we can create an impact.

Take it further: Can you think of an issue that your group would like to raise awareness about by using this method?

Once you complete your song or dance, you can record and share it with WAGGGS and Our Cabaña via social media
Twitter: @wagggs_world | @nuestracabana
Facebook: wagggs | ourcabana
#OurCabana60 | #ThisIsImpact | #WTD2018

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