World Thinking Day 2018: Impact Compass No.1

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Learning outcome: Explore daily activities that can save our environment.




One of the best ways to protect the planet is to use fewer resources. This produces less waste and requires less energy, helping the environment and the planet in the process.

• Using your phone, TV or computer for one hour each day. Switch it off and save energy and maybe spend the time doing some Guiding/Scouting activities.
• Wasting food. Keep a record of how much you are throwing away, then try buying or cooking less. If you produce too much, see if you can donate it to those who could use it in your community, or compost it if possible.
• Wasting water. Keep the tap off while you brush your teeth, or cut your shower time in half.

• Using a reusable bottle, instead of buying a bottle water whenever you’re thirsty. Less bottles = less waste
• Using a reusable bag. Buy or even make your own and keep it with you at all times for shopping. Fewer plastic bags keep the environment clean and beautiful.
• Turning rubbish into art. Instead of throwing away that plastic container, polystyrene wrapping, or plastic bottle get creative and turn it into something useful or beautiful.
• Growing your own food. Maybe growing all your own food is a challenge, but see what vegetables, herbs or even fruit grow in your local climate. Food from the supermarket has to be transported and covered in packaging. Food from the garden goes straight to your stomach.
• Repairing and wearing. Holes in your clothes or a rip in your jeans? Instead of buying a new pair, why not just fix them. You’ll be saving energy, resources and money.

Discuss more suggestions on things that you can Stop or Start to help the environment.

World Thinking Day Fund Idea -
Double the Impact: Ask people to sponsor you to stop doing something that has a negative impact on the environment and to start a good habit. You can do this for a week, month or longer.
Keep a record of what you have achieved to show your sponsors, collect some donations and send them to the World Thinking Day Fund!

Share your progress of your ‘Stop and Start Campaign’ with your group in the meetings leading to or after World Thinking Day.


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