Compass Basket Ball Relay

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Scouts will gain increasing familiarity with compass points by playing this game.


You will and something to draw a compass on the floor or ground, and cards (to be used as markers).
A basket, bucket or box.


Form teams into relay formation.
Opposite each team is a compass circle drawn on the floor or on the ground. The points are shown, but only North is marked.
When the leader calls out a compass point, the first player on each team places a mark (before the leader counts to six) on the compass circle in front of her team at the point where the leader called.
- If the player is correct, she falls in behind her compass circle.
- If wrong, she goes to the back of her team.
The next compass point is called and the next player marks it on the compass circle. (Position a judge at each compass circle and remind players that coaching is not allowed.)
The team getting all of its players behind the compass circle first, wins.



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