Square, Seat, Sit, So-Long!

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A game where the idea of the game is to swap seats, but at the same time stay in the game by doing so faster than your opponents!


1 x Chair per Cub. (If no chairs are available, newspaper, 1 sheet per child, works well)


Before game starts - Helpers to put out a square of 7 x 7 chairs is put out, all facing inward

The Cubs all sit on the chairs, along the lines, in their sixes and are numbered 1 > 7 per line.
The game starts and a Leader calls out a number. If a cub with number is called, they have to jump up and race to a free seat, to stay in the game.

While the Cubs are swapping seats, Leaders gradually turn 1 chair at a time, outward, which means it is no longer in play. (if using newspaper, take a piece away)

A Cub who isn’t able to sit down because the others got their first, is classed as out and has to sit, cross legged somewhere in the middle of the square, and they become an obstacle for the rest of the game, making it that little bit more awkward for further rounds.

The game goes on for as long as you like or until you have a winner(s).

(For bigger packs, with the luxury of a big hall, running two games simultaneously works well)


  • Chair game
  • cubs
  • running
  • team game

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