St Patrick's Day

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Activities to learn about, and celebrate, St Patrick's day.


- Shamrock cut out
- Cola
- Vanilla ice cream
- Cups/spoons
- Pretzels (3pp)
- Rolos (1 pp)
- White chocolate
- Green food colouring
- Microwave/oven
- Bowl/spoons/boiling water
- Wordsearches


1. Explain a bit about what St Patrick's day is etc.
2. Play 'Find the Shamrock' - using a cut out shamrock, hide around the hall/grounds, whoever finds it, re-hides it, repeat as long as you wish.
3. Baby Guinness - Vanilla ice cream coke floats.
4. Make Shamrock biscuits - take 3x pretzels and layout, put a Rolo over the middle and microwave for a few seconds until melted. Cover in melted white chocolate (with green food colouring), allow to set.
5. Complete a St. Patrick's themed wordsearch (lots online).



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