Fundamentals of Scouting

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Four Bases
- Knotting
- District structure
- Meaning of Scout Membership Badge and Lord Baden-Powell
- Fire Starting


Your local DC or another District leader willing to talk about the other groups and structure of your District
Fire starting kit (striker, cotton wool and vaseline for non match lighting) and altar fire
Printout of the membership badge and the meanings of all the parts of it




  • bowline
  • clove hitch
  • district structure
  • figure of eight
  • fire building
  • fire lighting
  • fire lighting - no matches
  • Fire Safety
  • Fire Starting
  • Highwayman\\\'s hitch
  • knots and lashings
  • reef knot
  • scouting facts
  • scouting history

Badge Links

  • Backwoods Cooking - Extinguish
  • Backwoods Cooking - Light fire
  • Backwoods Cooking - Prepare fire
  • Pioneer - Hitch
  • Pioneer - Lashing
  • Pioneer - Three knots