Aircraft Game

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Game taken from - Air Resources Section
The Aircraft Game is a version of "Captains Coming" but with an Aircraft twist to it


4 Chairs


1. Around the room place the four airports provided on chairs, though of course your could make your own.
2. The Cubs are all aircraft,.
3.. Every Cub starts with £1000 sterling.
4. The Leader calls out the name of an airport and the Cubs have to run to that airport
4. The last Cub to reach the airport has £100 is deducted from their total
5. There are of course ways things to do whilst they are running around.
- Exits Children stop, fling their arms out to left, back and forward, as in the aircraft introductory talk.
- Hostess The children walk, pretending to serve drinks.
- Pilot The children sit down and pretend to steer the aircraft.
- Turbulence The children bounce up and down as they run.
- Circle The children circle around the airport in large circles.
6. The Cub with the most money remaining at the end of the game is the winner


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