Master Chef with a twist

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Ask Explorers/Scouts (YP) to produce a range of meal ideas with idiot proof recipe/instructions that can be kept on file for camps.


Ingredients chosen & provided by YP
Equipment will vary depending on their chosen recipe, and what is available from activity location.


• A few weeks before hand Give out a Letter (see download file) edited to suit your Troop/Unit to allow them to see what equipment is available to use in the scout hut, planned activity location, plan their dishes.Initially ask them to pair off into teams of two’s (and a three depending on how many plan to turn up), numbers to be ratified. Also produce and provide a list of Store cupboard items available for them to use, Title this list Annex A.

• List any dietary requirements/restrictions/allergies and title it Annex B

• Give a set budget to work to for their entire shop to work to for a meal for one.

• One member of the pair will choose to do a starter or dessert, the other will do the main course.

• The starter/Dessert is max 3 ingredients, Main Max 4 Ingredients. But they will be limited to Max 6 ingredients in total so will have to choose which dish will be short one ingredient. They will be able to use any of the store cupboard items in hut Explorer cupboard (may need restocking) and these will NOT count towards max 6 ingredients (full list of available store cupboard ingredients to be provided when they are initially informed of nights plan). A list of available store cupboard ingredients/items available for all to use (these do not count as an ingrediant).

• Their recipe must be suitable to be made on a standard kitchen stove top, Gas camping stove &/or Camp fire.

• They will be asked to write clear & concise instructions that they deem to be idiot proof for each dish.

• The will be asked to lay out all ingredients unprepared + instructions on the table in front of them.

• Now here is the twist and they will not know about this until it happens. before any of them start preparing their dishes, those doing the Starter/Dessert will move to the table to their Left, and those doing the Main will move to the table to their right (Hence the need for the clear and concise instructions).

• They are only allowed to do what the instruction sheets tell them , no improvising or deviating will be allowed.

• The dishes will be judged on Presentation, Taste, How easy were instructions to follow. They will also be asked to write on the back of the instructions any changes or additions they think should be made (points deducted for every one written).


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